The Tart’s Japanese Photo Album and Results of Elizabeth Loupas’s Giveaway

Daruma doll on left. I painted the face of the one on the right. In the center, a chan-chan horse.

If you haven’t already noticed, the news out of Japan opened a floodgate of nostalgia for me. I’ve been into my photo albums, decided to cherry-pick and show you guys images of my six week exchange. Get them over in one fell swoop.

Because most of my pictures involve other people, and can’t be shared without their consent, I don’t have a lot. In fact they’re mostly about me, albeit to provide a peek into a wonderful culture.

First, though, some business to do with the Elizabeth Loupas interview: ;)

  • In the matter of  the Moleskine Passions Book Journal, Amy Bai was favored by the RNG. Amy, if you e-mail me your snail mail addy, I’ll forward that to Elizabeth.
  • Because of your comments, Elizabeth will be donating $210 to the Red Cross’s special fund for Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief.
  • Kimberly Hays, your signed postcard is in the mail already. 

Many thanks to all who participated! Elizabeth and I had mixed feelings about proceeding with the interview, but I’m glad we did. You guys made it all worthwhile.

Now the photos:

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