Can You Write a Mary Stewart-Worthy First Paragraph?

Last October, when author Sophie Masson paid tribute to Mary Stewart on Writer Unboxed, it was no hardship for me to jump on board with a gushing comment. I’ve read every word Ms. Stewart wrote – often more than once. I love her determined heroines, her enigmatic heroes, the exotic settings, and the tension she infused into every perfectly crafted scene. In fact, when I attempted my first real novel in eighth grade, it was Mary Stewart I hoped to emulate.

Imagine my delight, then, when Ms. Stewart’s publisher, Hodder & Stoughton,  tracked me down with an offer: They are reissuing her romantic suspenses, complete with the charming, retro covers seen below.

Further, they’re providing me with a set of these novels to give to a worthy recipient. (Click here for more about her books.)

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I did some thinking, and because this is such a fab prize, and because so many of you are writers, I want to turn this into a contest which pays tribute to Ms. Stewart. First-place winner will walk off with the books, and two runners-up earn bragging rights.

To enter the contest, you will:

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