Writing Friends Don’t Let Writing Friends [You Fill in the Blank]

Yesterday Kathryn Magendie recounted a tale on Facebook about her near-miss with a two-ply tail upon leaving the restroom. Is there any among us who haven’t had those experiences? The skirt tucked into hose or underwear? The graffitied face that came from applying mascara and getting distracted before it dried? The self-unbuttoning blouse?

I don’t know about you, but while mortified to have my faux pas pointed out, I’ve always been grateful to the strangers or friends who save me from myself. 

That got me to thinking about writerly friendship, and how lucky I’ve been. Once of the best things about blogging, in fact, is discovering a world of former-strangers who’ll — kindly — say to me, did you know you misspelled that author’s name? Did you know your blog format’s borked in my browser? And those twenty animated smilies you have in your sidebar? Um…cheesey with a capital pee-ewww.

So two questions for you?

1. Any big whoopsies you’ve been saved from by others in your writing life? (If you want to name names, please do!)

2. Is there someone you know you should be saying something to, but are avoiding? If so, why?

Image from Motifake