Blog Cultures, Lexicons, and What the Heck Should I Call My Readership?

Years ago, my brother gave me the book The Alchemist for Christmas. Some people criticize it as simplistic, but 65 million people appear to have another opinion.

Within writing circles, it’s often referenced as a classic example of a quest story. It employs archetypal characters, a clearly delineated three act structure, and executes one of my favorite elements for emotional resonance: book-ending. In other words, if you write, even if The Alchemist isn’t your cup of tea as a reader, it’s worth studying. 

If that weren’t enough, its author is often spoken of as a blogger extraordinaire — one who knows his core audience and caters to their taste. Since Paulo Coelho‘s posts can hit 31,000 Facebook shares, methinks there’s some truth to that opinion. 

Have a peek at his blog, and you can get a sense of why it works for him. Here’s a screenshot capture from this morning: 

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