The Goal

Want to spend an hour focused on your writing? You can craft fresh words, collage, edit, brainstorm… Heck, you can do anything writing-related. Just make a commitment to yourself for one hour.

The schedule*:

Time Zone Map (click to enlarge)

The process:

There is a brief commercial before your screen opens. If you wish to stealth-write, mute your sound before you click the link below. (That’s the big, orange button!)

Arrive 5 minutes before the session is to begin.

Enter a name and a brief comment. You will need to be approved by a moderator before it appears.

Once approved, provided you behave, you will be visible to all participants for the entire session.😉

We begin on time. A digital clock on the screen indicates a session in progress. If you come late, don’t worry. Enter a comment and write until the break at 30 minutes into the 1-hour session. You’ll get approved at the intermission. (NOTE: The timer will stop if your screen goes to sleep, but while it can be inaccurate, its presence means we’re involved in individual work.)

At 30 minutes we’ll stop briefly. Report how you did — or not — and we’ll chat while people stretch and visit the washroom. Then we’ll rinse and repeat.

This is not competitive! If you write 3 words or 3,000 I don’t care. This is all about you, baby.

*If you have a best time/day-of-week request, please leave it in the comments section below. Don’t forget to include your time zone! I’ll aim to accommodate group requirements.

12 thoughts on “SPRINTIFY ME

  1. Thanks for setting this up, Jan–and nice touch, adding the map. I admit that for the first sprint you announced, I had to Google “What time now MST.”

  2. Thanks again for organizing these Jan. Last night was very productive for me and has kept me inspired to write today.:)

  3. Darn I missed tonight, didn’t I? I forgot it was Tuesday. Oldest son came over for dinner and we don’t see him enough, so that took care of my time tonight. I’ll be on for the future though! Hope you got some good writing done in your sprint. Talk soon.

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