Interview and Giveaway with Alice Loweecey, Ex-Nun and Author of FORCE OF HABIT – Part 1

Tell people you’re interviewing an ex-nun on your blog and you get a certain kind of look because, let’s face it, that vocation comes with a ton of associations. We’ll explore some of them in my interview with Alice Loweecey, along with “incidental” chat about writing and books.😉

If you notice my tone gets cheeky at times, it’s because I know Alice can handle it. In fact, I’m not sure there’s anything she can’t handle. Full-time work, motherhood, a moderatorship on Absolute Write… Alice juggles these roles and still has a take-no-prisoners mentality towards authordom. Perhaps that’s why Midnight Ink took a leap of faith – if you’ll forgive the pun – and signed her for a three-book mystery series.  

Alice’s first novel comes out in February and has earned early praise. Publisher’s Weekly called FORCE OF HABIT a “spirited debut” and said Alice’s “fresh take on crime fighting is a delight.” 

Welcome, Alice! Before we get started, I thought I’d give you a little something to help you feel at home:

So I don’t make any accidental faux pas, what are the other touchy subjects I need to avoid? No Sound of Music cracks, right? Anything else you consider out of line?

First of all, thank you for having me on your blog! And yes, please, no Sound of Music references. Sister Act, either. I still wield a mean ruler. Other than that, I can’t think of anything.

Would you like to fill our readers in on your novel’s premise?

Giulia Falcone is convinced she’s going to Hell. First, because she left the convent. Second, her new job with a private investigator has her sneaking around and lying. Adjusting to life in the outside world isn’t easy. Makeup, dating, and sex are all new to her. And despite a crush on her boss Frank Driscoll—a foul-mouthed, soft-hearted ex-cop—Giulia is sure he’d never fall for an ex-nun.

Her first case involves drop-dead handsome Blake Parker, a man with immense wealth and an ego to match. He and his fiancée are getting disturbing “gifts” with messages based on biblical verses. When Giulia is drawn into the stalker’s twisted game, salacious photos of her appear, threatening her job and her friendship with Frank. No one imagines—least of all naïve Giulia—the danger ahead, when following the clues turns into a fight for her life.   

Your road to authordom took a circuitous route with a four-year stint in the convent. Guilia’s a former nun, and I can’t help being curious about how you two might be similar or divergent. For instance, it’s implied Guilia took the veil in part, at least, due to family pressure. Was that the case for you?

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Happy First Anniversary, Tartitude

lit candle on a birthday cake

What does one call the annual celebration which marks the date of a blog’s launch? A blaunch? A blirthday? A woo-fricking-hoo-versary? I do not know the terminology, but in Tartitude’s case, I know that date occurred this last weekend on May 30, 2009. 

Twelve months, peeps. One hundred fifty-two posts. A wealth of shared wisdom, community, and hopefully a few laughs. And I owe it all to you folks, the people who have given me the most precious of all resources: your time. 

If I owned the universe, I’d:

  • pay you back with Daniel Craig-delivered backrubs (or another celebrity, if you haven’t forgiven DC yet for the Unfortunate Moustache).
  • pay to meet you for a week in Hawaii, where we’d wax surfboards and philosophic, ogle the pool boys, and fight a losing battle with sand butt. 
  • fix BP’s mess.

Alas, since I’m not God — only the next best thing, which is to say a hopeful Canadian romance writer and Tart — you’ll have to settle for smaller delights. They are simple, but heartfelt, and as eclectic as the range of blog posts you’ve suffered through. I shall call them the I ♥ the Tart™ Prizes. Ain’t that swell?

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